Spherical Diff Bearing, Steel

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Part Number:BMR-BK079
This BMR S197 Mustang Spherical Diff Bearing Kit for the S197 Mustang positively locates the rear axle assembly within the chassis. By replacing the factory failure prone, sloppy rubber filled rear upper diff bushing, this kit eliminates the deflection found within the stock assembly that leads to poor performance in all scenarios. Whether you are a spiritedly street cruising, drag racing, road racing or auto-crossing this BMR S197 Mustang Spherical Diff Bearing Kit will significantly improve the performance and feel of your S197 Mustang.

-CNC Machined Stainless Steel Housing
-6061-T6 Billet Aluminum High Clamp Bearing Spacers
-Precision fitment for maximized performance
-Moderate NoiseVibrationHarshness Increase

-Reduces Wheel-Hop
-Improves Handling, Traction and Feel
-Helps prevent bushing and driveline part damage
-Can assist in reducing driveline vibrations
-Reduces pinion angle change under heavy WOT loads