F-150 Catch Can, V8, Race Series

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These KellTrac Catch Can Kits are designed for the hardcore enthusiast who wants ZERO oil vapor or condensation recirculated through their engines. They are also for those who are sick and tired of worrying about if their teeny tiny pain in the ass oil separators are full or need emptied. Over the past 15 years we have simply seen too many issues using the OEM Factory style sealed systems on high performance applications, especially when using E85 fuel. Not only does the factory system not relieve crank case pressure effectively in high power applications, it also recirculates excessive moisture back through the intake tract and engine. Recirculating inert ethanol based moisture can cause unwanted wear on supercharger systems and can also reduce power output. We have taken what we have learned, and what we wish was available over the years and combined it all into an easy to mount and easy to service kit. KellTrac Catch Can Kits are effective, easy to service, appealing and they also clean up the engine bay by removing the ugly and bulky stock PCV tubes. 

KellTrac Catch Can Kits feature an industry best Vibrant Catch Can that we modify in house, then build a quality plug and play system around. After months of pricing out building our own can, it simple did not make sense to bring a similar can to market - so we chose to stick with the cans we have been using for years. There is not a better plug and play catch can system on the market, from the looks to the design - KellTrac Catch Can Kits are the golden standard for racers that need effective crankcase ventilation! 

WARNING: This kit is not your $33 eBay universal can, with $0.33 cent fittings and $0.33 cent clamps with $3.00 heater hose - that you spend 3 hours trying to assemble.

-Massive 40oz Tank Design
-Comes with all necessary parts for installation and operation
-Dual Vent Hoses, Terminates mid vehicle into framerails (no nasty vapors!)
-High Quality stainless steel hardware included
-High Quality AN fittings for precision fit and function
-High Quality GATES PCV Specific 5/8" Hose (25ft total length)
-NO Worm Gear Clamps! GATES Heat Shrink Clamps only!
-OEM PCV Valve Cover Quick Disconnect Fittings
-Parts feature Quality coatings to resist corrosion
-1/4" Drain Valve, pre installed
-Industry First design!

-Increases performance and decreases internal corrosion by:
  • Eliminates oil vapors from recirculating through intake tract and engine
  • Eliminates condensation recirculating through intake tract and engine
-Mounts to chassis using stock mounting location
-Plug and Play design mounts quickly and easily
-Allows user to drain less often, without removing the can from vehicle!
-Simply open drain valve to drain when performing service under vehicle!
-Unlike other vented catch can systems, NO STINKY VAPORS! Vents to middle of vehicle into the frame rails